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This Is Your Moment

Every woman is called to GREAT purpose . . . this is non-negotiable! Yet distractions and discouragement come in full force as the noise of the world is getting louder. The dreams in your heart may seem like a far cry from your current reality BUT now is the time to step into your destiny . . . the one you were born for. 


Maybe you can relate to the following:

  • Is thriving as a Daughter of the King a desire in your heart but not resonating in your life?

  • Do you love God, but remain unfulfilled and keenly aware there must be more?

  • Does joy come in small doses and fear taking precedence over faith for your future?

  • Are you supportive of other’s dreams but question the validity of your own?

  • Do next steps seem overwhelming because you don't have clarity or know if it's God's will?

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Ephesians 2:10 says, "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them."

In other words, God had a dream and He wrapped your body around it, so it’s our responsibility to partner with Him to unveil it. So many women have become passive and taken themselves out of the greatest story of all stories – their own. 

Now, more than ever, this world needs godly women to rise up, to step out of the shadows of fear, insecurities and shame to be all that God created you to be. It is time to stop playing small with our lives and set this world on fire through fulfilling our call. 


With contagious joy and energy, Margie and Tonya share biblical principles to reinvent and create the life you are designed to live. Their inspiring keynote is power packed with relevant information, biblical strategies and amazing stories that revolutionize the way people look and relate to their life and the world around them. The audience will not only walk away refreshed but encouraged and empowered by God’s relentless love and goodness. He is an Intentional God wanting you to live an Intentional Life!

The "Unveiled” WORKSHOP

“The Power of Passion, Purpose and Personality in Action”

Time: Following one-hour keynote. Offered in 90 min, half day and full day interactive workshops

This workshop is designed to first help participants identify their genuine passion that leads to clarity purpose and an Intentional lifestyle. With specific techniques, attendees work together to start identifying their unique life vision. Under Margie and Tonya’s guidance, individuals will define next steps in believing big but starting small.

'The Unveiling' message and workshops can be adapted to fit a luncheon, retreat, dinner event or conference.

God doesn’t prefer hearing what we are programmed to ask and pray for, He wants to 

talk about what we are born for.”



A Little About Us

To inquire about Margie and Tonya’s availability please contact us here:

Margie Spence is a minister, retired Certified Professional Midwife, all-round cowgirl and Hall of Fame inductee who is passionate about helping women create a life and legacy they love.
She graduated from Bible College, is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker and has served in ministry over 40 years. As a midwife for 20 years, she has gone from delivering over 1000 babies to birthing dreams in the hearts of woman.
Margie loves traveling the world with her family, riding horses and looking for the next impossibility. She has 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. She and her husband Sam reside in Keller, Texas.

Tonya Telesco is an inspirational speaker, licensed minister, author and human behavior expert dedicated to helping woman walk in true identity, build better relationships, and follow their God inspired dreams.
She graduated from Charis Bible College and as a Certified John Maxwell Speaker and DISC Certified Trainer with Personality Insights Institute, she is recognized for her expertise in self-leadership and relationship building for over 15 years.
Her hunger to infuse women with passion and purpose is contagious, motivating and fun. She brings proven biblical strategies to equip and empower women to move from comfortable complacency to results that are extraordinary, believing God’s girls should stop playing small.
She loves riding horses, staying fit and creating unforgettable memories with family. Tonya and her husband Tom consider the world their office but call Keller, Texas home. 

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