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The Power of Passion, Purpose and Personality in Action”

This workshop is designed to first help participants identify their genuine passion that leads to clarity purpose and an Intentional lifestyle. With specific techniques, attendees work together to start identifying their unique life vision. Under Margie and Tonya’s guidance, individuals will define next steps in believing big but starting small.


From there, Margie and Tonya identify participants unique strengths and personality style to help them better understand themselves and others. Through proven strategies, biblical examples and real-life stories, these highly interactive sessions will transform how participants look and relate to their life and relationships. Tonya and Margie not only prove that every personality is created with God’s DNA, but that communication skills are worth developing, they are worth developing immediately. 


The outcome of this event is everyone walks away equipped with tools to build an Intentional life and stronger relationships, to reach their full potential and eternally impact on the world they are called to influence.


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how your personality, passion, and purpose are connected 

  • Understand the significance of passion and how to identify yours

  • Walk in fullness and power of your true identity

  • Facilitate Interactive Workshop to learn 4 Personality Styles with biblical characters

  • Discover how to remove blind spots that keep you from fulfilling your potential

  • Learn to connect and empower people who are different than you

  • Learn to leverage untapped strengths and passion to accelerate God’s plan

  • Workshop Intentional Living Steps to refine clarity, focus and results

Time: Following one-hour keynote. Offered in 90 min, half day and full day interactive workshops

“God doesn’t prefer hearing what we are programmed to ask and pray for, He wants to talk about what we are born for.”


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