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Welcome to Tonya's Workshop Offerings

These workshops are customized to meet the greatest needs & challenges of your organization.

They offered in 90 min, half day & full day sessions.


How To Create a Life by Design and Not by Default

This workshop is designed to help participants create an alignment between who they are and what they do in their  profession. This results in a culture of success with significance. By identifying genuine passion coupled with leadership principles they will be empowered to go "All In." With specific techniques, attendees work together to clarify and enlarge their vision and define next steps in believing big but starting small.


From there, Tonya identifies participants specific strengths and personality style to help them better understand themselves and others. Through proven strategies, examples and real-life stories, these highly interactive sessions will transform how participants look and relate to their life and relationships. Tonya not only proves that every person is created for greatness but that communication skills are worth developing immediately in order to fulfill the mission.


The outcome of this event is everyone walks away equipped with tools to build an "All In" life and stronger relationships. They will be equipped to reach their full potential and  impact the world they are called to influence.

Key Lessons: 

  • Learn how your personality, passion, and purpose are connected.

  • Understand the significance of genuine passion and how to identify yours.

  • Workshop individual passions in group. 

  • Facilitate Interactive Workshop to learn 4 Personality Styles 

  • Discover how to remove blind spots that keep you from fulfilling your potential.

  • Learn to connect and empower people who are different than you.

  • Learn to leverage untapped strengths to accelerate your life and business.

  • Workshop "All In" steps to gain clarity and results.


“Unlocking Potential Through Personalities”

This certified DISC workshop is designed to introduce you to the 4 personality styles and their unique preferences, strengths and struggles. These traits determine your model of the world, how you tend to see life, and help you understand why you often feel, think and act the way you do. 

Not only will you discover how you are wired but these traits will reveal untapped potential waiting to be developed. Just as no two people alike, you will also learn that communication is not one size fits all. 

Through case studies, research and entertaining stories, Tonya proves how effective communication is the determining factor for success in life and relationships. Though everyone is communicating, few are connecting and even less are influencing. You will learn powerful  strategies to communicate and connect more effectively, build better relationships and stronger teams. 


The outcome of this event is everyone will walk away with tools to understand themselves and others better and become a person of influence in any environment. 


Key Lessons:

  • Learn the 4 unspoken communication secrets to build instant connection

  • Workshop how different personalities play out in everyday life

  • Understand how each style is distinctly motivated and responds to stress

  • How to move from toleration to celebration with difficult people

  • Discover the key to reduce up to 90% of conflict in any relationship

  • Learn how to increase your productivity and reduce stress 

  • Workshop how to encourage and connect with different styles

  • People Reading Session (time permitting)

* Include a Personality Assessment for Better Results

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