Tonya is a human behavior expert, trusted by organizations to deliver engaging keynote presentations that challenge audiences to communicate effectively and unleash hidden potential. With her high energy and relevancy, she leaves audiences inspired to apply her actionable strategies personally and professionally.


As a Certified Speaker and member of the Teaching Faculty for the John Maxwell Team and DISC Certified Trainer with Personality Insights Institute, she is recognized for her expertise in communication and personal leadership development.


"I help people create a life and legacy they love."

Tonya is passionate about helping people navigate their dreams and relationships in order to create a live and legacy they love. 

Her niche is helping people understand people, their unique strengths and what motivates them because it creates stronger relationships and powerful lives. It eliminates people trying to be something they not and empowers them connect with the world around them. It’s that place significance and success collide, and your circle of influence is changed because ‘you get it.'

The ability to reduce stress, increase productivity and capitalize on your strengths is a daily benefit when we apply these timeless principles. They are huge clues in how we are called to serve the world, not change it to be like us. Coupled with personal leadership, this is the recipe to become unstoppable; this is how we make a difference.

"Don't despise your small beginnings because within them lie your greatest victories."


Tonya lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband Tom. When she is not traveling around the world speaking, Tonya can usually be found at the gym, riding horses or making memories with family. She’s also passionate about building young heroes and leaders for today. And while she’ll never win a talent show — she’s a welcomed guest speaker and encourager at local schools and churches. 

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