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Hi, I'm Tonya Telesco

We've seen a lot of changes in our world over the last decade but when it comes to what's important in this life - one factor remains the same. People are hungry to know they have made a difference - that their lives do matter. 








After spending years chasing the things, I thought would bring me success and joy, I found myself at a crossroad. Not only was I building someone else's dream because I didn't have my own, I felt flat stuck.


Everything looked "great" on the outside but there was a nagging tug-a-war in my soul I could not shake. I knew there was more. Unfortunately, I kept going around the same mountains because I was clueless how to take ownership of my own potential, much less my purpose.

"You were not born
to be good.
You are here to be great."

Today, everything has changed! I'm telling you absolutely nothing compares to living in the clarity and confidence of your God-given calling and purpose.

"Your never too young to get a vision for your life and your never too old to get a better one."


A multitude of people have poured into my journey and it's an honor to be a catalyst of transformation for others. I love equipping people with the strategies and tools to build intentional lives and relationships. I love to see people win!

The Official Bio

Tonya Telesco an author, transformational speaker and leadership expert empowering people to push past complacency and build purpose-driven lives and relationships. 

The Co-founder of Telesco Leadership Group, based in Keller, Texas and member of the Teaching Faculty for the Global Maxwell Leadership Team, Tonya helps equip over 50,0000 coaches, speakers and trainers worldwide. She is Vice-President of By His Word Ministries, Inc. where she is passionate about empowering women to push past mediocrity and stand strong in their faith and calling. 

As a DISC Master Trainer she is recognized for her expertise in leadership building, communication and relationship building for over 20 years. 

Her books include "Walking Off Your Map: 7 Keys to an Extraordinary Life," "Be the Exception:" 79 Keys to Building Successful Lives and Relationships," and "Walking with My King Collection" for women. 

Tonya loves speaking at conferences and events, and when she's not traveling you might find her working as a background extra in the filming of the movie series called "The Chosen" for the last 3 seasons.

Most importantly, Tonya is married to her best friend Tom and cherishes making unforgettable memories with family.

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