Tonya Designs Every Keynote to Create a Meaningful and Empowering

Experience for Attendees.


“Discovering Significance While

Navigating Chaos"

Key Lessons:

  • The difference between significance and success and how to achieve both.

  • Learn the skill that determines 85% of your success in life. 

  • How to identify ‘genuine passion’ and why it’s the pillar to your legacy.

  • Build inner resilience despite outer pressure by doing "this one thing."

  • Discover the Law of Process that compounds your results and impacts and increases your influence.

  • How to develop a lifestyle of gratitude that always exceeds intelligence.


“Understanding and Connecting to People Who Aren't Like You

Key Lessons:

  • Understand the 4 personality types, their extraordinary traits and the differences of each.

  • Identify and leverage the strengths that may be largely untapped and waiting to accelerate your business and life. 

  • Learn powerful yet simple strategies to build an instant connection with people who are not like you.

  • Know how to reduce stress, increase productivity and build more cohesive teams.

  • Discover how each personality is distinctly motivated and responds to stress. 

  • Understand how the overuse of our strengths is our greatest weakness. How to remove the pitfalls and blind spots that keep us from fulfilling our potential.


“4 Unspoken Communication Secrets” 

Key Lessons: 

  • Learn the 4 keys of effective communication to build  instant connection.

  • Understand the primary reason people have conflict and how to change it.

  • Know how to empower and connect with people who are different than you.

  • Enhance team dynamics and client relationships. 

  • Decrease conflict and stress while increasing productivity and influence.

  • Begin to move from toleration to celebration in any relationship.

  • Discover practical tools and resources that are proven, effective and easily applied.



Key Lessons: 

  • Learn how your personality, passion, and purpose are connected.

  • Understand the significance of genuine passion and how to identify yours.

  • Workshop individual passions in group. 

  • Facilitate Interactive Workshop to learn 4 Personality Styles 

  • Discover how to remove blind spots that keep you from fulfilling your potential.

  • Learn to connect and empower people who are different than you.

  • Learn to leverage untapped strengths and passion to accelerate your life and business.

  • Workshop "Intentional Life" steps to gain clarity and results.