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Hi there, it’s Tonya!
WELCOME, and thank you for signing up!


These empowering principles will change the trajectory of your life!


You are created for a GREAT purpose  . . .  This statement needs to become a non-negotiable in your heart! 


We are passionate about helping you reach your full potential through creating a life by design and not by default. Through these simple yet powerful principles, you can start your journey of transformation through Intentional Living.


These "7 Keys" work best when they become part of your daily routine. As the old saying goes, “An apple a day.” There are some things you have to do every day to enjoy the benefits. 


You see, there are plenty of places to acquire more knowledge. Knowledge is not what you need. Acting on what you know is where we grow. Are you doing what you know, consistently, over an extended period of time?


I encourage you to embrace one Key at a time. Review it every morning and act on it every day until it feels natural. It will offer some suggestions to ignite your engine, then you can take the wheel and move forward.


This is how you develop success habits. Do this for at least 30 days then go to the next Key. Repeat until you’ve gone through all 7 Keys then start again. These small steps will re-calibrate your mind to improve your daily actions and choices.  


You can create the life and legacy you love but remember, nobody, drifts to the top of their mountain! 


I would love to hear how these Keys have made a difference in your life. Big, small or in-between I welcome your feedback and stories! Contact us here


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