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“Understanding and Connecting to the 4 Personality Styles”


Understanding the Model of Human Behavior is the crowning information for building, empowering and equipping strong teams and relationships.


The ability to communicate with people according to their style moves from connection to empowering influence with proven results.


In this live, highly informative and entertaining presentation, Tonya interacts with your audience to reveal how different our personalities play out in everyday life. Sharing proven principles that revolutionize the way people look and relate to life; this time is power packed with ah-ha moments that leave every audience wanting more.

Learning Keys:

  • Understand the 4 personality types, their extraordinary traits and differences of each.

  • Identify and leverage the strengths that may be largely untapped and waiting to accelerate your business. 

  • Learn powerful yet simple strategies to build instant connection with people who are not like you

  • Know how to reduce stress, increase productivity and build more cohesive teams.

  • Discover how each personality is distinctly motivated and responds to stress. 

  • Discover how the overuse of our strengths are our greatest weakness and how to remove the pitfalls and blind spots that keep us from fulfilling our potential.

  • Learn the keys to achieve excellence and build influence in any environment.

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