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“The 4 Unspoken Communication Secrets”


Relationships are the spice of life and a major determining factor for success. One is too small a number to achieve greatness and though everyone is communicating, few people are actually connecting and if you are not connecting, you are not influencing. Our differences not only lead to daily frustration or full-blown conflict but sabotage our vision, mission and the impact we are called to make in our circle of influence.


In Tonya’s entertaining and informative presentation your team will learn the foundational keys to win with people and create instant rapport. 


Key Lessons: 

  • Learn the 4 unspoken keys to effective communication that build instant connection

  • Understand the primary reason that people have conflict and how to change it.

  • Know how to empower and connect with people who are different that you.

  • Enhance team dynamics and client relationships 

  • Decrease conflict and stress while increasing productivity and influence.

  • Begin to move from toleration to celebration in any relationship.

  • Discover practical tools and resources that are proven, effective and easily applied.

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