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The "Ignite Your Passion" Guide
 How To Get Unstuck & Live On Purpose



Tonya Telesco is a transformational speaker and author dedicated to helping people to stop coasting and start thriving in life and work. She has been equipping people to build purpose-driven lives and relationships for over 20 years. As a walking catalyst of joy and energy, she is passionate about empowering audiences to push past complacency to uplevel their lives, careers, relationships, and faith. 


As a leadership expert on Teaching Faculty for the Global Maxwell Leadership Team, she is responsible for leading and equipping over 50,000 coaches, speakers, and trainers worldwide. She is co-founder of Telesco Leadership Group and Vice President of By His Word Ministries spending most of her time speaking at conferences and retreats across the nation.  


Tonya is trusted by organizations to deliver relevant keynote presentations that leave your audience energized and ready to rise to the next level. 


Hi there!


It’s an honor to have you visit.

When it comes to the most important areas of life, it's a journey. Yet the mission is to thrive, not survive in our ever changing world.


I believe EVERY person in your audience or organization is a deep well of potential. Many times, they don't see their value or know what strategic actions to take to reach their next level of growth and impact. 


Let's make your next event unforgettable by helping them become the EXCEPTION they were born to be.

Let's visit!

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“Whether it's large audiences or coaching, Tonya genuinely cares about causing change in the lives of her clients and it moves you to act. She is just world class in everything she does."

Tony Child | CEO of Elevated Worldwide 

"Tonya brings total emotional and mental connection, with an energy that captivates. She has mastered the art of living a motivating life and human enough for the audience to relate. She will spark spirited discussion, provide useful information, and plant seeds for action to achieve your professional and personal goals. If you are looking to start or end a conference with a bang, Tonya is the person to energize and inspire the audience."


Ronda Polansky | Partner/Owner of DiagnosTEX and AMPCARE

"As the keynote speaker for the Women's Victory Cruise and Conference, Tonya built a connection with the women long before she took the stage. Her energy, passion and desire for women to step into their greatness is real and it inspired us to aim higher. I would highly recommend Tonya to any event planner who is looking for impact and inspiration."


Doris Thomas | Women of Victory Director | St. John Church Unleashed

"After being totally blown away from hearing Tonya at a women’s luncheon, I knew I had to have her speak to my group.  Her message was fresh and amazing, and I cannot recommend her book enough. I can’t wait to hear her again!"


Stephanie Lafler | Managing Director at eWomenNetwork 

"Tonya is the real deal. Expect to not only be touched in your heart but spirit as well. She is the kind of person that will influence your life and help you become more.”

Robert Rohm, PhD,  | President Personality Insights

"Tonya is a not to be missed! She is the real deal! The care behind her words will strike the chords of self-motivation to propel you forward in life. Not only will she help you find your way, Tonya has the skill set, resources and methodology to bring you to and through the implementation stage."


Kellie Westover | Cognitive Confidence

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